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BellSouth email (also known as AT&T email) is an email service serving mostly the southern area of the United States. BellSouth was the last of the Regional Bell Operating Companies from AT&T, and was able to keep its original corporate name after the breakup in 1984, as well as the last one to retain the Bell logo as part of its main corporate identity. Today, BellSouth email is known as AT&T email, and is served by Yahoo services.

The BellSouth email login credentials can also be used on other AT&T services like and Cingular Wireless among others. This has been a popular addition for many and is similar to other web based mail services that they offer like their phone service.

BellSouth always recommends to check your BellSouth email only at the official BellSouth email website and not at other websites that might spoof the BellSouth brand unless they are actually operated by BellSouth like AT&


BellSouth Email Login Options

The official BellSouth email login can be found on the AT&T/BellSouth partner website at Yahoo, or by visiting from your preferred web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Another option to check BellSouth email is to visit the main website and open the email login website from that point.

BellSouth email does offer their users another option when choosing a new email account provider. These users can inapt all the basic email related tasks they might need, including sending multiple email messages and saving email messages in custom folders on the BellSouth email account. The user can also view recipient email address, date and time received from those sending the emails.

The BellSouth email account login screen should look exactly like the screenshot shown below that was taken recently for comparison. Go to BellSouth right now to check my email or use one of their other services.

BellSouth Email Web Links

•    BellSouth Email Login Homepage.

BellSouth has created a password helper application for BellSouth Email that can aid users if they cannot login into their BellSouth account. It can help when users have forgotten their email username or password and is good to use if you have lost your BellSouth email information.

Check My Email BellSouth

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