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Outlook Email Overview

Outlook email (formerly known as Hotmail Email) is free web email service from Microsoft. If you are looking to login to to check your email, then there are two different ways to see email. Those options to check your Outlook email are that you can either check by using the website that most people use, and is available for you at or you can try to check Outlook email by accessing your Outlook account remotely by using a desktop client or smartphone like a Nexus or iPhone.

More About Outlook Email

The official Outlook email login can be found on the Outlook website, or by visiting from your preferred web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Another option to check Outlook email is to visit the main Outlook website and open the email login website from that point.

If you are having a problem checking your Outlook email account, then there are definitely some methods to use when coming across these login problems at the email website.

Make sure to first you have an online connection and your web browser is functioning the way it should. Try relaunching the web browser if necessary. Then, open your web browser back up and enter into the web browser navigation.

Microsoft Outlook email does offer their users another option when choosing a new email account provider. These users can inapt all the basic email related tasks they might need, including sending multiple email messages and saving email messages in custom folders on the Outlook email account.

The Outlook user can also view the recipient email address and the date and time received. The application currently offers additional sign in options that includes Windows Live support if you prefer to use that login to check email. Email Web Links

Microsoft has also created a password retrieval application for Outlook email that can assist you if you cannot login into the Outlook Mail website. It can help when users have forgotten their Outlook email username or password and is good to use if you have lost your Outlook email details.

Outlook Email

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