Check My Email For Spam

Need To Check Your Email For Spam?

Checking your email for Spam can be different from one email provider to the next. For example, checking your Gmail email for Spam is different than checking your Yahoo or Hotmail email for Spam. Below we will cover the three most popular services, and how to check email folders for Spam messages.

Check Your Gmail Email For Spam

When checking your Gmail inbox for possible Spam messages, you will see a special folder called “Spam” once you login to the web client. Google does a very good job at figuring out what email messages are Spam, and what are not.

Every so often you will see a valid email message from a trusted source in this folder, so it is important to make sure you go in and move the message back to your inbox and label it as not Spam so it will not happen again.

Check Your Yahoo Email For Spam

Another very popular email service is Yahoo email. However it sees its fair share of bad emails known as Spam. The word SPAM actually is derived from a joke about a luncheon meat that is sold and not the most appetizing food, which is abbreviated for Special Processed American Meat. However this term has been labeled to those unasked for and annoying emails that seem to find their way into our inbox.

And if they find their way to your Yahoo inbox, then once you login to the Yahoo web interface, look for a folder called “Spam” there. You can choose to sort through any emails inside the folder in case a legit email remains. If not, then simply click “empty folder” to trash any Spam messages that might appear.

Check Your Hotmail Email For Spam

Last but not least is the again popular Hotmail service (also known as MSN or Live email) and it has a very well built in process of checking your Hotmail account for Spam messages. In 2003, there was a US law enacted called “CAN-SPAM ACT” that was setup to control how many email messages could be sent and from whom when it comes to Spam compliance. Hotmail has seen its own influx though of Spam messages to many users inboxes, but again do a good job of sorting to your Spam folder on your email service. Be sure to check it and empty any suspicious or unrequested Spam emails there to be safe.

Check Email For Spam

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