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Blackboard Email Overview

Check my email Blackboard online? You can count that you will hear this statement from hundreds of thousands of students who attend high schools, colleges, and other specialty educational providers that use Blackboard for learning content delivery. Blackboard Inc. is a software company that is located in Washington, D.C.and is primarily known as a developer of the learning management systems for educators called Blackboard. A key component of this is Blackboard email that students need to check.

More About Blackboard Email

Blackboard email is used for communication in the learning environment, and important for both students and teachers to check their Blackboard email to see the latest information. While this varies from school to school, a general outline on how to check Blackboard email is outlined below:

1. On the course list page, click the e-mail icon to check e-mail for all courses.

2. The columns on the right will show the number of unread e-mails for each course.

3. Select a course to read its e-mail.

4. To return to your e-mail list, click the e-mail icon again.

5. To return to your course list page, select the “____ Access Blackboard” tab.

6. You should see your course list page. Repeat if necessary.

Blackboard Email Web Links

Blackboard Home Page.


Most of the schools that use the Blackboard Integrated Learning system to check email offer their own direct email access, and you will need to contact your school resource person(s) directly in order to have a Blackboard email username or password reset.

Check My Email Blackboard

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