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Blackberry Email Overview

When hearing the phrase “Check my email Blackberry” will know that it could refer to any one of the hundreds of types of Blackberry phones out there. As a quick rundown to help you get on your way to checking email on your Blackberry device, we will cover a general setup guide that applies to most models out there further below.

Before we start, it is important to note that BlackBerry is a popular brand of mobile phone devices that are used extensively in the business world. The brand is owned and operated by RIM, or Research In Motion and is based in Canada. The first BlackBerry device was an email pager that came out in 1999. They have come a long way now, selling their 200 millionth Blackberry device in September 2012. Nearly 2 years after the 100 million threshold was crossed. Blackberry achieved in 2 years what it had done in the previous 10 years.

More About Blackberry Email

Blackberry has a powerful and multifaceted OS with hardware setup for keeping track of your messages easily. Multiple email accounts and handling that come with managing your email, both business and personal, are easy to get setup on Blackberry email enabled devices. Before starting, business users should check with workplaces Blackberry System Administrators for help setting up and checking their email. Everyone else should find the quick tips below helpful:

1. Use the track-wheel to press “Profile” from your Blackberry Internet Service toolbar.

2. Send email by clicking the “Email Accounts” link from the “Profile” screen.

3. Use the track-wheel to press the “Add Account” button from the “Email Accounts” screen.

4. Press the “Submit” button to see the account that you have added.

5. Check your email and all other incoming messages by using the track-wheel to select “Messages” from the Home screen

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How to setup Blackberry Email.


Most of the email services that you can use on a Blackberry has created a password retrieval application your email. Such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts. Please refer to each of those specifically on getting your Blackberry email password retrieved.

Check My Email Blackberry

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