Check My Email On GoDaddy

GoDaddy Email Overview

GoDaddy email is the email address that comes with your domain registration or hosting account setup when you purchase from GoDaddy, one of the most popular registrars for domains and website hosting. When someone claims the term to check GoDaddy email, they are referring to what GoDaddy calls the “Workspace” service, which is located at

So to check GoDaddy email, you must know the email address and password you setup for your domain and hosting originally in order to  login. If you have forgotten this information, we will provide you with the links and details below to reset it.

More About GoDaddy Email

To check email at GoDaddy’s Workspace web based client, you must navigate to which is the homepage for your Workspace account and email management. You can check multiple accounts here if you have them, as you will notice the site should look similar to the screenshot below and provide you with links up at the top to “clear login list” and “view mobile version”. The mobile version view is for when you are checking GoDaddy email on a mobile phone like the iPhone or Android powered device.

If you have forgotten your email address and password used for your GoDaddy Workspace account, you can use the links below to learn how to reset your GoDaddy password and then gain access to your inbox online.

GoDaddy Email Web Links

GoDaddy Workspace Email Login.

GoDaddy Email Help.

In order to reset your email address on GoDaddy, you will need to visit the specific domain setup inside your main GoDaddy account called “My GoDaddy account” at This is where you can manage multiple email and domains from this main administration panel.

Check My Email On Godaddy

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